I Love AKs

TSD Combat Systems VEPR 7.62×39 CQB – Tier 1

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Old School Revolver

I’ll see your Double Barreled Shotgun…

…and raise you whatever this is.

Awesome. That’s what it is.

Three Cheers for Mosins!

Yay for Mosin Nagants! Yay for Mosin Nagants! Yay for Mosin Nagants!


Why is this Woman so Serious?

Because gun safety is serious business.


Pair of Taurus

Front is a Taurus 24/7 Pro DS Titanium in 9mm.

Rear is a Taurus PT609 Pro


Tac Lights

Ready to light ’em up. original

Gun Nut


Tactical Tissy

This is TacTissy. Check her out on facebook. She’s kind of awesome.

As if Purchasing Guns was not Expensive Enough

… as it ends up, you can spend even more by having them gold plated.

Of course, these are illegal, but that didn’t stop some drug lord from owning them. As it ends up, gun bans only work on law abiding citizens, not criminals or crazies…