Browning 1919 A4 Machine Gun

Okay, so this thing is pretty cool. It’s a belt fed fully automatic chambered in .308.

Public Service Announcement

Here’s the deal. Guns are a great equalizer of force. If a woman is attacked/molested/threatened by a much larger man (whether she knows him or not), she isn’t going to be able to physically defend herself all that well. If she is armed, she instantly takes away the attackers advantage.

YAPAR (Yet Another Pink Assault Rifle)


How cute is this? Seriously, we can’t ban these.

YAPAR (Yet Another Pink AR)


My wife totally wants one of these.

Breast Cancer Awareness AR


This AR-15 wants you to be aware of breast cancer.


Too Much of a Good Thing?


It looks pretty short, but then again, this 454 magnum/ grenade launcher combo gun is probably quite heavy. I wonder what the recoil is like? Anybody out there have one and want to take me shooting?

All that aside, these are pretty, pretty guns.

PSA: Respect Your Recoil


Remember, control of your firearm is your responsibility, even after you pull the trigger.

Just Patrolling the Neighborhood.


After some hoodlum spray painted the Fitzgerald’s garage, we decided we needed a more aggressive neighborhood watch.

Gotta Teach ‘em Young.


I especially like how the dog is overseeing the whole situation.

A Girl and her Gun


Thanks to Sarah for reminding me I need to post something by sending in this picture of her and her AR-15!

If anybody else wants to show off their guns, just visit the submissions page.

Santa’s Got An Armed Posse

This is the kind of excitement you can look forward to if you are Santa Claus and you join the Scottdale Gun Club.

Polished Colt .357 Python

I love .357s.  And so should you.

If you haven’t considered it,  a revolver makes a great emergency gun because you can fire and reload with one hand. If you get shot, making one arm unusable, you’ll find that a semi-auto is very hard to load and put a shell in the chamber.