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A pair of 1911

My .45 ACP Colt 1911s 1_gunspictures

The guns get the bed.


If you’ll notice on the left hand side of the picture, apparently the owner of these loves his guns so much that he sleeps on the floor and lets his hardware use the bed.

Versace 1911?


I’ll bet the owner of this piece bought his wife some shoes at the Versace outlet store and just picked this up while waiting in the checkout line.

Can’t Get Enough Bling.

These all appear to come from the same dude’s collection. Kudos to his very shiny gun safe.

P8110009_gunspictures P8110008_gunspictures P8110007_gunspictures P8110005_gunspictures P8110031_gunspictures P8110032_gunspictures

The Guilty…


… MUST be punished. Let the mafia be warned – if you come after this guy’s family, he’ll be exacting his revenge.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 4


Finally, some custom gold work on an gun that isn’t overwhelmingly gaudy. Still, I’m not sure I’d take this 1911 out to the range all that often.