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I Love AKs

TSD Combat Systems VEPR 7.62×39 CQB – Tier 1

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As if Purchasing Guns was not Expensive Enough

… as it ends up, you can spend even more by having them gold plated.

Of course, these are illegal, but that didn’t stop some drug lord from owning them. As it ends up, gun bans only work on law abiding citizens, not criminals or crazies…

Bulgarian AK47S

A nice side-folder AK47S,  a simple thing of beauty.

Golden AK


I think this is one of those gold plated pieces that were seized in Iraq.

Grenade launcher attachment?


Found whilst surfing the web the other day. I think he’s demoing how to fling a molotov cocktail.

Oooh, shiny!


More guns from the “You will never own anything half so awesome” collection.

The guns get the bed.


If you’ll notice on the left hand side of the picture, apparently the owner of these loves his guns so much that he sleeps on the floor and lets his hardware use the bed.



The SAR-1 AK-47.

Gun Bling, Round 2, #2


More seized Iraqi gun bling.

A tacticool reminder.


‘Nuff said.

The Gun Rug


Fun stuff.

Another AK-47


Ahh, American Trucks and Soviet Arms. Life just doesn’t get any better.