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YAPAR (Yet Another Pink Assault Rifle)


How cute is this? Seriously, we can’t ban these.

YAPAR (Yet Another Pink AR)


My wife totally wants one of these.

Breast Cancer Awareness AR


This AR-15 wants you to be aware of breast cancer.


A Girl and her Gun


Thanks to Sarah for reminding me I need to post something by sending in this picture of her and her AR-15!

If anybody else wants to show off their guns, just visit the submissions page.

What did you get?


True story: Last year, my (then) 5 year old girl cried when she saw somebody buying one of those little pink cricket 22s in walmart. She cried because she thought it was the last one and she wouldn’t ever be able to get one.

When is it a good time to start the kiddies shooting, anyway?

A sleepy little AR.


An image from the imaginary book “Little AR Ryan”

“After hours of mowing down alien invaders, Ryan took a nap.”

Best AR Accessory Ever?


My mind was boggled with the awesomeness of his shooting rest. Found on the internets…

Another Pink AR


Not just pink either. It’s PINK. When I get rich, I’m totally buying one for my wife.

Interesting to note, though. You never do see a pink AK-47.

A Very Pink AR.


This has to be the weirdest militia on the planet. Just look around – a dud with pink in his camo, a dude with corn rows, a tubby guy in a t-shirt… oh yeah, and there’s guy guy holding the pink hello kitty AR.

Bad M4…


…go sit in a corner.

AR-15 Centerfold


This shooter cares enough about his ar-15 to stage, light, and frame a good looking photo of it. If only all gun owners were so artistic.