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Bofors 40mm Automatic Boom Stick


And to see this bad boy in action…

I’ll bet that guy just shot like $300 in ammunition.

BOOM! Week: The Tsar Cannon

Here’s a piece of historical BOOM! to finish up the week.


Commissioned by Russian Tsar Feodor in 1586. If you’ve got a rifle in your closet that you haven’t fired in years, don’t worry too much. This gun hasn’t been fired in a couple hundred years.

Tsar Cannon image from the wikipedia

BOOM! Week: Big, big machine gun.

boom_bfg- Gau8a_a_gunspictures

I’m not sure what the heck this is, maybe one of the Vulcan cannons like on the A-10 “tank killer” airplane. All I know for sure is that it’s awesome.

Oh, and unlike many of the others this week, this one does not go “BOOM!”


BOOM! Week: Lahti 20 mm

The primary purpose of this gun appears to be to shame all of your friends who only have piddly little .50 BMG rifles.


“That .308’s not a rifle. Now this is a rifle.”


Here’s the Lahti next to a PKM Machine gun. That sucker is huge.

BOOM! Week: Pheifer-Zeliska


This is the Pheifer-Zeliska. It come in two calibers: Massive (.458 Win Mag) and Excessively Massive (.600 Nitro Express). Just so you get an idea, the .600 Nitro Express is the round you want if you ever have to stop a charging triceratops or other dinosaur. The gun costs like $16K, but the .600 Nitro Express ammo is only a paltry $40/round.

In fact, that’s probably what the shooter here is thinking. “Well, there goes another $40. Maybe next time I’ll shoot with my eyes open so I can see where I hit.”

BOOM! Week: M32 Grenade Launcher


Does that count as a revolver? I vote yes.

BOOM! Week: AT-4 Rocket Launcher

This week, we’ll have some pictures of big guns.

To start things right, here’s a couple picture of the AT-4 rocket launcher.


And in action:


It kinda looks like he’s shooting the hillside.