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M16 & M3 shotgun: Disguised

With Halloween around the corner, I present you a few guns in costumes: Glock 9 mm, M3 shotgun, and M16 rifle. As you know, some disguises are better than others – these three have a funny story behind them if you click through.



A pair of Glocks


Jarrod just sent in a picture of what I can only assume is his carry piece and his other carry piece (his secondary backup piece not shown. I’m guessing it’s a derringer in the same caliber). The larger gun on the right is a Glock 21 and its slightly smaller sister (left) is a Glock 30. Both guns are 45 caliber. These are very popular guns, and for good reason.

Fear the DoubleGlock!


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Two Glocks joined together in one fully automatic piece of awesomeness.

Glock 27


Good things come in small packages.