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Gold Beretta


As with most of these gun bling pictures, I’d be afraid to take this Baretta to the range. That is pretty cool detail work, though.

Golden AK


I think this is one of those gold plated pieces that were seized in Iraq.

Versace 1911?


I’ll bet the owner of this piece bought his wife some shoes at the Versace outlet store and just picked this up while waiting in the checkout line.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 7

Girl with the golden gun

I’m pretty sure that thing doesn’t shoot, but it does get bonus cool points for appearing in a James Bond movie.

Gun Bling Round 1 Number 6

Renaissance Gold Plating 12-14-06 Gun_GunsPictures

Aren’t those great looking derringers?

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 5

Gold Plated Pistol

I didn’t think I’d shoot the gun in the last post very often if I had it. I’d don’t think I’d ever shoot this one. That’s fantastic engraving.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 4


Finally, some custom gold work on an gun that isn’t overwhelmingly gaudy. Still, I’m not sure I’d take this 1911 out to the range all that often.

Gun Bling, Round 1, Number 3


Bizarre SKS


I think at one point this kooky SKS immigrated from a communist country. Upon reaching the United States, all of it’s wildest dreams came true.