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As if Purchasing Guns was not Expensive Enough

… as it ends up, you can spend even more by having them gold plated.

Of course, these are illegal, but that didn’t stop some drug lord from owning them. As it ends up, gun bans only work on law abiding citizens, not criminals or crazies…

Too Much of a Good Thing?


It looks pretty short, but then again, this 454 magnum/ grenade launcher combo gun is probably quite heavy. I wonder what the recoil is like? Anybody out there have one and want to take me shooting?

All that aside, these are pretty, pretty guns.

Gold Beretta


As with most of these gun bling pictures, I’d be afraid to take this Baretta to the range. That is pretty cool detail work, though.

Golden AK


I think this is one of those gold plated pieces that were seized in Iraq.

Oooh, shiny!


More guns from the “You will never own anything half so awesome” collection.

Not quite gun bling?


Maybe it’s just the lighting, but this Sig P229 looks to me like it’s been spray painted gold. I’m betting that would affect the operation.

And just for kicks, here’s a golden Walther P99.


Versace 1911?


I’ll bet the owner of this piece bought his wife some shoes at the Versace outlet store and just picked this up while waiting in the checkout line.

Can’t Get Enough Bling.

These all appear to come from the same dude’s collection. Kudos to his very shiny gun safe.

P8110009_gunspictures P8110008_gunspictures P8110007_gunspictures P8110005_gunspictures P8110031_gunspictures P8110032_gunspictures

Gun Bling, Round 2, #3


Not sure exactly what this is, but it is possibly the most tasteful gun blingization of all time.

Gun Bling, Round 2, #2


More seized Iraqi gun bling.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 8

Here’s the final gun from Gun Bling round 1.


And the best part – it goes with my purse AND my tiara.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 7

Girl with the golden gun

I’m pretty sure that thing doesn’t shoot, but it does get bonus cool points for appearing in a James Bond movie.