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Three Cheers for Mosins!

Yay for Mosin Nagants! Yay for Mosin Nagants! Yay for Mosin Nagants!


Group Pictures


A bunch of old timer rifles (Mostly Mosins I think) and a newer Ruger ranch rifle.

The guns get the bed.


If you’ll notice on the left hand side of the picture, apparently the owner of these loves his guns so much that he sleeps on the floor and lets his hardware use the bed.

What the Mosin is that?


That’s right, it’s Obrez. A sawed off Mosin Nagant. Not exactly perfect for follow-up shots, but hey, who needs follow up shots when the flame from the barrel has lit all five assailants on fire, right?

Mosin Nagant M44


Can I just say that I love Mosins? Well, I do.

Starin’ down the barrel…


of a Mosin Nagant. Man I love those guns. They are just too awesome for mere words.

I Pity The Zombie Horde…


… that breaks into this dude’s garage. At least, I assume this gun cache belongs to a dude.