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Fear the DoubleGlock!


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Two Glocks joined together in one fully automatic piece of awesomeness.

Revolver Shotgun

I think this is actually a pretty neat idea.


Link goes to the source website.

Silliness for a Tuesday


It’s an AR in the key of B flat.

A Ring-Volver?


That’s just too cool for words.

What the Mosin is that?


That’s right, it’s Obrez. A sawed off Mosin Nagant. Not exactly perfect for follow-up shots, but hey, who needs follow up shots when the flame from the barrel has lit all five assailants on fire, right?

What the Revolver is that?


I’m not sure what it is, but I know I want one.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 1

This thing is weird, but awesome.


Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a pair of knuckles? Yes to all three!


Although I’m guessing it isn’t very good at any of those things