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Pair of Taurus

Front is a Taurus 24/7 Pro DS Titanium in 9mm.

Rear is a Taurus PT609 Pro


Tac Lights

Ready to light ’em up. original

A pair of Glocks


Jarrod just sent in a picture of what I can only assume is his carry piece and his other carry piece (his secondary backup piece not shown. I’m guessing it’s a derringer in the same caliber). The larger gun on the right is a Glock 21 and its slightly smaller sister (left) is a Glock 30. Both guns are 45 caliber. These are very popular guns, and for good reason.

Can’t Get Enough Bling.

These all appear to come from the same dude’s collection. Kudos to his very shiny gun safe.

P8110009_gunspictures P8110008_gunspictures P8110007_gunspictures P8110005_gunspictures P8110031_gunspictures P8110032_gunspictures


guns and stuff 179_gunspictures

I can’t believe he’s a Red Sox fan. I guess nobody’s perfect.

Gun Bling Round 1, Number 7

Girl with the golden gun

I’m pretty sure that thing doesn’t shoot, but it does get bonus cool points for appearing in a James Bond movie.

Gun Bling, Round 1, Number 2


More gold plated guns (& other collector’s items) than you can shake a stick at.