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Old School Revolver

Polished Colt .357 Python

I love .357s.  And so should you.

If you haven’t considered it,  a revolver makes a great emergency gun because you can fire and reload with one hand. If you get shot, making one arm unusable, you’ll find that a semi-auto is very hard to load and put a shell in the chamber.



Reload! (Black Powder Style)


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Reloading a black powder revolver. This is why cowboy gunfights were probably not as furious as the movies would have you believe.

Wall o’ Colts

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Here’s a fine collection of Colts all made in the 1870’s.

Revolver Rifle

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If you liked the revolver shotgun I posted recently, you should like this one, too. Apparently this is a 1855 Colt Revolving rifle that’s been converted to shoot .45-70 blanks. This particular gun was apparently used in the movie 3:10 to Yuma.

Revolver Shotgun

I think this is actually a pretty neat idea.


Link goes to the source website.

A Ring-Volver?


That’s just too cool for words.

Little Pink Revolver


One of those cute little North American Arms revolvers chambered in .22 lr.

Smith & Wesson M29


Yep, It’s a Smith & Wesson M29 Revolver .44 Magnum. It makes a big boom.

Smith & Wesson 617

SW 617 22LR_gunspictures

The guns get the bed.


If you’ll notice on the left hand side of the picture, apparently the owner of these loves his guns so much that he sleeps on the floor and lets his hardware use the bed.

Smith & Wesson 44


Six shots of fury.