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I Love AKs

TSD Combat Systems VEPR 7.62×39 CQB – Tier 1

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I’ll see your Double Barreled Shotgun…

…and raise you whatever this is.

Awesome. That’s what it is.

Three Cheers for Mosins!

Yay for Mosin Nagants! Yay for Mosin Nagants! Yay for Mosin Nagants!


Why is this Woman so Serious?

Because gun safety is serious business.


PSA: Respect Your Recoil


Remember, control of your firearm is your responsibility, even after you pull the trigger.

A Girl and her Gun


Thanks to Sarah for reminding me I need to post something by sending in this picture of her and her AR-15!

If anybody else wants to show off their guns, just visit the submissions page.

Water-Cooled Barrel


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‘66 Winchester with a water jacket and extended-length barrel.

Revolver Rifle

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If you liked the revolver shotgun I posted recently, you should like this one, too. Apparently this is a 1855 Colt Revolving rifle that’s been converted to shoot .45-70 blanks. This particular gun was apparently used in the movie 3:10 to Yuma.

Photos of Santa with a Gun

Merry Christmas



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Another Pink AR


Not just pink either. It’s PINK. When I get rich, I’m totally buying one for my wife.

Interesting to note, though. You never do see a pink AK-47.

A Very Pink AR.


This has to be the weirdest militia on the planet. Just look around – a dud with pink in his camo, a dude with corn rows, a tubby guy in a t-shirt… oh yeah, and there’s guy guy holding the pink hello kitty AR.